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The Hnatyszaks

January's Loyal story features Mrs. Maria & Mr. Anthony Hnatyszak, a sweet Polish couple who have trusted us for guidance on their retirement and Medicare plans. We at Durham Loyal have ensured their financial journey is marked by clarity and peace of mind, resulting in a bond that transcends the professiona lclient relationship.

Over the years, the Hnatyszak’s annual visits have become a cherished tradition. Every Christmas, their smiles light up the room as they bring thoughtful gifts, reminding us that our work extends beyond financial guidance. Their genuine joy speaks volumes about the depth of the connection we've forged – a testament to Durham Loyal's commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients, one heartfelt connection at a time.

Steve Donegan

Loyal Story of the Month! At DurhamLoyal, our LOYAL bond with clients is what makes us unique! Let's talk about Steve Donegan, our cherished client from Jamaica. He and his family have been with us since
2022. Their trust fuels our excitement and keeps us dedicated to providing top-notch service. This goes to show that we're not just a company, we're a family!

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