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We Understand Your Concerns. At DURHAMLoyal we sit down with you as your Personal Financial Consultant to address your specific needs, concerns, and desires to help you develop a customized plan that allows you to sleep at night, knowing that your life will remain financially secure.


Retirement Planning

Investing in retirement can be tricky, as it requires that you consider several factors of lesser concern to younger investors. Make a mistake and you could find yourself surviving on less income than you planned, paying more in taxes, or leaving a much smaller legacy to your heirs than you thought you would. It seems unusual to consider longevity a risk, but when it comes to living out your retirement with enough money to do what you want, take care of medical costs, and even keep a roof over your head, the longer you live, the more likely you are to have trouble keeping up.


Whether or not you realize it, longevity is the number one challenge facing retirees. Retirees still need to invest a portion of their nest egg for growth, yet cannot afford to take on the same level of risks as a younger person because there is less time to make up for bad decisions that have a negative impact on your retirement portfolio. If low or negative return years occur in the early years of retirement, the damage to your portfolio may significantly impact your future income projections. Therefore, investments in retirement should be deposited into “baskets” such that the baskets subject to market risk will not be used for several years.


Wealth Preservation

Most investors do not realize that your income must double every 20 years just to keep up with the average rate of inflation. Many pensions do not include a cost of living adjustment, thus your personal savings will have to either grow adequately to cover inflation, or be large enough to allow you to draw an ever-increasing amount of income each year. Hedging for inflation requires retirement investments that have a growth component such as stocks or real estate.


The amount of retirement income you need to draw from your savings, just to maintain your lifestyle, will increase with time. Other costs, such as medical expenses, are also likely to rise as you grow older. It can be difficult to really envision what your life will be like in 20, 25, 30 or more years, and for that reason, many retirees begin retirement taking too large a percentage of their savings. The simple fact is, the longer you plan to be in retirement, the lower your initial draw down rate must be to ensure your principal is able to grow and keep up with inflation. Figuring out what you should take will require analysis of your life expectancy, the number of guaranteed/lifetime income sources you have (such as pensions or annuities), and the composition of your portfolio.


Tax & Estate Planning Strategies

hands imageTax efficiency is very important when it comes to retirement and income planning. We understand that trading within your accounts, capital gains, RMDs, and wealth transfer may incur unnecessary taxes. Our goal is to keep your best interests in mind while minimizing your tax impact. We can also suggest strategies to help reduce estate taxes and transfer personal and family business assets to heirs quickly and privately, preserving what you spent a lifetime to build.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered to be the cornerstone of sound financial planning. By the time you reach retirement age, your needs for life insurance have most often changed. Understanding these new basic and sometimes intricate needs requires expert analysis and recommendations. The industry has changed… and so also have the products. The "old kinds" are in many cases outdated by virtue of new mortality tables and even applicable Long Term Care or Living Benefit riders. Term and permanent plans are also available specifically for those whose health is not preferred. Life Settlements now offer a solution to those who no longer have use for or perhaps can no longer afford the premiums on their policies.



The last several years have seen a tremendous change in the annuities world. Again "old style" policies that were fixed with low guaranteed renewal rates have been upgraded. The new breed now called the Equity Indexed annuity in many cases has become a "hybrid" of fixed safety with living benefits. And variable policies that offered death benefits are now being forced to offer living benefits in response to new fixed strategies.


DURHAMLoyal stays up to date with what is available in the industry for those who want to protect their principal investment. We are also familiar with "safe money" strategies that protect your principal without parking you on the sidelines when the market offers growth. We know how to identify and replace under-performing "low risk" allocations with market-safe alternatives.


International Wealth Preservation

DURHAMLoyal pioneers the utilization of life insurance, including private placement policies, to meet Latin Americans' growing need for tax-planning strategies. We're a single-source provider of risk-related solutions for Latin America's ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families – all in a region too often beset by military insurrection, political instability and currency volatility.


Right here in South Florida, the expertise is at your fingertips to help you identify in confidentiality the risks you might face; to develop safe, weatherproof solutions. It is also reassuring to know that many A-rated, U.S.-based insurance companies are eager to underwrite the risks associated with residency and property ownership in South America at competitive premiums. A cost-free risk evaluation of your assets both domestically and abroad could make a world of difference in your financial matters. - Hablamos Español -




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