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International Wealth Preservation

International Wealth Preservation

Serving the Insurance Needs of Latin America’s Most Affluent

For Latin America’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, the gateway to culturally tailored wealth protection can be found in Southeast Florida.

DURHAMLoyal understands its wealthiest citizens’ unique needs and challenges; more importantly, DURHAMLoyal has the knowledge, tools and acumen to effectively address them.

Managing the Many Facets of Risk

DURHAMLoyal provides insurance-based wealth protection and wealth transfer strategies designed to protect clients’ assets, sustain their lifestyles and safeguard their legacies – all in a region too often beset by military insurrection, political instability and currency volatility.

“Ninety percent of Latin American businesses are family owned, yet only 1 percent reach the fourth generation due to a lack of planning. DURHAMLoyal understands its clients’ unique concerns as well as the nature and degree of risk they face, and we’re focused on having the conversations no one else is having with them – what keeps them up at night and the future they envision.”

“DURHAMLoyal pioneers the utilization of life insurance, including private placement policies, to meet Latin Americans’ growing need for tax-planning strategies. We’re a single-source provider of risk-related solutions for Latin America’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families.”

Protecting Your World: Concierge-Style Service

DURHAMLoyal delivers straightforward insurance-based solutions to the highly complex and diversified jurisdiction that is Latin America. “With complete understanding of the regulatory and tax environment of the region’s 20 different countries, we are able to implement personalized solutions in a compliant and tax-efficient manner.”

These solutions include but are not limited to:

  • General risk evaluation
  • Multi-jurisdictional tax planning
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • U.S. beneficiary planning
  • Business continuity
  • Extraordinary risks
  • Asset protection
  • Multi-generational planning

“Our goal is to help our clients cost-effectively manage risk in a seamless fashion. We go to great lengths to provide an exceptional, confidential client experience.”

Assets Abroad

The How-To’s of Managing the Downside Risks of Living in the Americas

“David throughout his 40-year career in Asset Protection and Financial Planning has lived abroad in four countries, is Spanish-speaking and specializes in international wealth protection.”

There Are Many Risks

It is often said that the downside risk of living in South Florida is the damage and unexpected costs caused by extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and the flooding and wind damage they cause. While this is certainly true, there are even greater personal risks facing those who own property abroad, not to mention the personal dangers that might be included in traveling abroad. Whether you are an American citizen or a foreign national, these deserve your attention.

Let’s Identify The Risks – You May Be Surprised!

The #1 Risk – Do Nothing

A surprising number do little or nothing because of their mistrust in the systems found in South American and Caribbean countries. This is especially so in those that have a history of either being unreliable or having a constantly shifting horizon, with insurance companies that (1) find a reason not to pay a claim, or (2) go bankrupt; (3) have problems with organized crime that makes its own rules; or (4) a corrupt legal system that might not protect personal rights or enforce contracts. I have good news for you. There are solutions. Please read on.

Family-Owned Businesses Run a Close Second

Family-owned businesses face a most high risk. Passing the ownership and management succesfully to the next generation in South America has a failure rate of over 99%. The problem – every year these countries are imposing more and more very high taxes and fees that are payable virtually immediately after death for passing ownership from one generation to the next. Throughout my 40 years’ experience in business succession planning I have found that many families as business owners fail to plan, which equals planning to fail – mostly due to not trusting the “system.”

The Third Risk – Real Estate, Objets D’Art and Luxury Cars

All various types of property face the costs associated with an accident, fire, break-ins, theft, floods or wind damage.

The Fourth Risk – LIFE, Your Most Prized Possession

The potential costs resulting from: loss of income due to a disability or death; kidnap, ransom or extortion; and catastrophic medical treatment that can be financially devastating.

The Good News – Solutions Do Exist

Right here in South Florida, the expertise is at your fingertips to help you identify in confidentiality the risks you might face; to develop safe, weatherproof solutions. It is also reassuring to know that many A-rated, U.S.-based insurance companies are eager to underwrite the risks associated with residency and property ownership in South America at competitive premiums. In my own experience, I find that many clients do not realize how cost effectively and tax efficiently the risks I have identified here can be funded through the magical leverage of insurance.

A cost-free risk evaluation of your assets both domestically and abroad could make a world of difference in your financial matters.

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