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Life Insurance

Life insurance is considered to be the cornerstone of sound financial planning. By the time you reach retirement age, your needs for life insurance have most often changed. Understanding these new basic and sometimes intricate needs requires expert analysis and recommendations.

The industry has changed…and so also have the products. The “old kinds” are in many cases outdated by virtue of new mortality tables and even applicable Long Term Care or Living Benefit riders. Term and permanent plans are also available specifically for those whose health is not preferred. Life Settlements now offer a solution to those who no longer have use for or perhaps can no longer afford the premiums on their policies.


The last several years have seen a tremendous change in the annuities world. Again “old style” policies that were fixed with low guaranteed renewal rates have been upgraded. The new breed now called the Equity Indexed annuity in many cases has become a “hybrid” of fixed safety with living benefits. And variable policies that offered death benefits are now being forced to offer living benefits in response to new fixed strategies.

DURHAMLoyal stays up to date with what is available in the industry for those who want to protect their principal investment. We are also familiar with “safe money” strategies that protect your principal without parking you on the sidelines when the market offers growth. We know how to identify and replace under-performing “low risk” allocations with market-safe alternatives.